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Fusion Petal palette - Leanne's Fairy collection

Fusion Petal palette - Leanne's Fairy collection


Top Row: Leanne’s Bubblegum Princess. Summer Days (XL) and Leanne’s Beach Baby are 3 new Petal Cakes designed to be used with a combination of petal sponge and brush. Apply a base with a Petal sponge and use the same cake to outline your design.

Bottom Row: Leanne’s Vivid Rainbow, Leanne’s Bella Rose, Leanne’s Bella Luna, Leanne’s Emerald Garden. Leanne’s Tiger Lilly and Leanne’s Pink Pixie. Use these combinations with a one stroke flat brush.
The palette is stunning and packed with value with 6 newly designed Split Cakes and 3 beautiful Petal Cakes

3 x 25g Petal Cakes
6 x 10g Split Cakes

Designed By: Makeup Artist Leanne Courtney

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